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Nkrumah Raymond Kgagudi
2017-04-24 16:30:32 UTC
Izwe Lethu M'Afrika

On behalf of the Unity Steering Committee, Fellow members and stalwarts of
the Pan Afrikanist Congress of Azania, we herewith inform and invite you to
the PAC Unity Meeting to be held as follows:

*Venue : DOCC Hall, Orlando East, SOWETO*

*Place : Johannesburg, Gauteng*

*Date : 6th May 2017*

*Time : 09H00- 17H00*

Each *province should send 10 representatives* and *each region is
encouraged to send 5 representatives*.

FOr details find the attached invitation letter.

The purpose and outcomes of the 6th May 2017 Unity Steering Committee
Meeting will be mainly to conclude a time bound plan of action so as to
execute the resolutions of the 28th January 2017 PAC National Unity
Consultative meeting which include to organise PAC National Unity
Consultative Conference. The 6th May 2017 Unity Steering Committee meeting
will also consider the “Forging principled unity of PAC” progress reports.

Central to these debates on the duration of the PAC Unity Consultative
Conference is the adequacy of time to reflect and engage on an in-depth
discussion and debate located in the 1959 Afrikanist Manifesto and the “New
Road to Revolution”. On the basis of the party political programme to
defactionalise and forge principled unity of PAC, we should simultaneously
focus on the rebuilding and reorganisation of the PAC for the seizure of
State Political Power by all means necessary as informed by the concrete
material conditions prevalent in Azania and the Afrikan continent. The
emerging call from our people today *is #south Afrika Must Fall - #Azania
Must Rise. Our immediate task is to unite and march in unison for total
seizure of State Political Power to establish an Afrikanist Socialist
Democracy. Only through the forging of principled unity can we salvage the
PAC. Given all the work done on consultation meetings on unity thus far, we
hope and believe that the leadership of Cde Letlapa , Cde Mbinda and PAM
NEC will support forging principled unity of the PAC for the party to
capture State Political Power and rule Azania.*
Izwe lethu M'Afrika
We have learnt once more that Mpethi-Moloto NEC Group has split into two
fighting groupings to an extent PAC "President" Mpethi has evoked clause
14b Decree with effect from the 30th July 2014. But it seems that some
members siding with Moloto are opposing the Mpethi NEC Grouping and if
true this week at High Court Moloto NEC grouping will be trying to render
the Mpethi evoking the Decree to be unconstitutional and illegal.
Going back to 2013, on the 11 May 2013 PAC Congress elected NEC at
Butterworth was split into two groupings:-
- One led by Cde Moloto supported by Cde Mpethi and other 12 NEC
members which co-opted or appointed Mike Muendane, Don MAttera, Phillip
Dhlamini and Joseph Maqhekeni into their NEC Group;
- Another one which met on eth 18th May 2013 led byCde Mphahlele
supported also by almost 14 NEC Members
- There are three or two NEC members who distanced themselves from
both two feuding NEC;
- Parallel structures were formed and PAC members were turned against
each and encouraged to counter-organise each other ever since 2013 May 11
and 18 meetings;
While PAC Branches and Members raised the call for party unity, after the
May National and Provincial Elections Poor performance where PAC got just
an estimated 38 000 - 39 000 votes;
- Its has been reported that Cde Moloto unilaterally removed Cde
Mpethi as the sole Parliamentary representative and replace Cde Mpthei by
his close ally Cde Bennet Joko; When we asked Members of the NEC none of
the were able to explain the removal of Cde Mpethi, nut interesting those
close to Cde Moloto had better clarity and could explain, and claimed that
Cde Mpethi is "selfish" and "make no financial contributions to the PAC".
But when we requested NEC minutes or decisions which explains that indeed
the Mpethi-Moloto 11 May NEC took such a resolution, these NEC members
failed to confirm that there is an NEC Decision. On the otherside Mpethi
accussed Moloto for convening meetings which do not quorate and disregarded
the PAC Constitution
- During the postponed NEC meeting which was held on the 26th - 27th
July 2014, this were extremely hot and comrades almost assaulted each
other! Then Cde Mpethi evoked the Presidential Decree effectively
suspending the constitution and NEC!
- The Mpethi-Moloto NEC is now split into two groups:- Some less
seven- nine NEC members side and support; And other six - eight NEC members
side with Moloto;
- The implications of the Mpethi Presidential Decree is that 2014
September Conference will not take place until determine and decided by Cde
- This means PAC NEC since Butterworth Congress was split into three
parts or fighting NEC groupings, namely 11 May Moloto-Mpethi NEC Grouping
has split into 1-Mpethi NEC Grouping, 2- Moloto NEC Grouping, 3- Letlapa
NEC Grouping!
- According to recent briefings today morning, Cde MOloto has gone to
high court to declare the Mpethi Decree as unconstitutional.
- All these are kept secret and information is not shared and
disseminated to all PAC Branches and Members. Only, loyalist of these
grouping receive party correspondence.
These Maforika have seriously destroyed PAC, Attached find the Decree
Announcement by Cde Mpethi
Izwe lethu
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