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Tongogara Ndima
2017-10-09 08:05:01 UTC
Fellow comrades

As ordinary workers serving as members of NACTU trade unions we find
ourselves dragged in meetings and caucuses which we believe undermines our
trade unions and federation -NACTU Constitution. During the past weekend we
received sms's from Cde Maqhekeni encouraging trade unions affiliated to
NACTU to write and send letters that support him to continue as the
President of NACTU. We believe Cde Maqhekeni must be uphold and respect
NACTU trade union, and become an examplary leader.

This is how we understand the situation, Cde Maqhekeni can continue as
NACTU President if, he remains a paid member of SACWU; 2. He remains a
shopsteward of SACWU; But, it is common knowledge that Cde Maqhekeni has
reached retirement age and has taken pension, this implies he no longer a
qualiified SACWU member and he has been or to be replaced as a
shopstwward he cannot serve as a President of NACTU. And standard
practices is only trade union officials can be elected to serve as Secrtary
Generals of the trade unions and/or NACTU, Cde Maqhekeni does not qualify
to be elected and serve as NACTU Secretary General, we believe deep in his
heart and conscience the comrade (Maqhekeni) knows this very well.

COSATU is falling apart because of national office bearers who serves their
own interests and have forgotten about suffering black workers, NACTU
should not make the same mistake. As workers we appeal with Cde Mahqekeni
not to throw our trade unions federation into a crisis.

As workers we are grateful of years Cde Maqhekeni served as NACTU President
and we wish well.

NACTU requires new young blood of leadership which will bring new ideas and
methods to fight capitalist exploitation at workplaces such as higher
retrenchments, labour brokers, reject minimum wage of NEDLAC. As NACTU we
must become active in outsourcing must fall campaigns and fees must fall
campaigns etc.

Mayibuye-Izwe Lethu, Amandla

T Ndima (shopsteward)
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