Re: Brother Bankie F. Bankie is no more
(too old to reply)
2017-08-13 08:24:58 UTC
*I struggle to accept the departing of our Brother Bankie F. Bankie......*

I have rarely met, learned from and actively interacted with someone as
practical as Elder Bankie F Bankie. His absolutism about Pan-Afrikan
progress, ideological accuracy and revolutionary commitment was not only
reflected in his speech and writing, but in every pore of his life. He was
a huge provocation and upsetment to anyone who adores talking nonsense,
pretending to be an activist and falsely projecting Afrikan progress.

His undying commitment to Afrikan Youth was unquestionable and a HUGE
challenge to "arrogant Pan-Africademics" who like to put youth at the back
and reserve frontseats for themselves only. To Brother Bankie, young
Afrikans belonged in front. Always. Also, his awakened analysis and
positioning himself as a recurring alarm-system for Arab-led enslavement,
anti-Black terrorism and Arabization was important beyond what many lenient
Afrikans could comprehend.
Many experienced his "rough" and non-negotiable stubbornness, but if you
took time to study where that came from, the source was his impatience with
our collective non-progress. Brother Bankie had no time for chatting,
chilling and celebrating. His stance was no-rest, no-sleep, no-fear.

His passing is a HUGE loss to Afrikan Progress. Warrior Bankie was a Ph"DO"
(rather than a PhD....) - an ultra-practical Pan-Afrikanist, having
completely internalised the struggle and living an Afrikan urgency day and

On behalf of eBukhosini Solutions in Johannesburg, myself and all entities
I have engaged closely with him through, we want to say RISE IN POWER to
our departed Brother, Elder, Father, Friend and Progressive Force. May his
spirit continue to live through those of us who are still fearless,
faithful and militant in our dedication to Afrikan Freedom.

May his Ancestral Soul visit us relentlessly, trouble us, wake us up,
challenge us, irritate us and PUSH us as hard as necessary - to continue
the work that must be done. By ANY means necessary.

Peaceful Journey, Beloved Brother and Friend.
The struggle does - INDEED - continue.
Your life was not in vain.
We'll take it from here.


Baba Buntu
Executive Director
eBukhosini Solutions
Afrikan Salutations, BABA BUNTU
Executive Director

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